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Leading Veterinarian in Fredericksburg, TX Offers Dental Care

At Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital in Fredericksburg, we offer a comprehensive selection of veterinary services, including pet dentistry. Our expert staff has a great deal of experience performing dental exams and cleanings on dogs and cats. Read on to learn more about the importance of pet dentistry.


The Importance of Pet Dentistry

Dental care is very important to your pet's health, but many pet owners overlook this. Experts recommend that pet owners brush their pet's teeth on a regular basis, but few people actually do this. Especially because brushing teeth can be a stressful activity for pets, therefore people avoid this. Due to that many pets end up with a significant build-up of plaque. Some pets get cavities and have to have their teeth pulled out. Getting your furry friend the dental care that they need can help you avoid this expensive procedure. We believe that dental health is a vital component of the overall health of the cats and dogs that we treat, which is why we include dental exams in our check-ups.

Dental Exams & Cleanings for Dogs & Cats

We will examine your pet's teeth for any dental health concerns during a routine check-up. You are also more than welcome to bring your pet in specifically for a dental exam. If we find that your pet has an excessive amount of plaque on their teeth, we can perform a cleaning. Our experience allows us to quickly and effectively clean your pet's teeth with little or no pain to them. We also can provide some advice about biscuits or chew toys that will help support your pet's dental health passively, reducing risk of having dental problems show up often.

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The expert staff at the Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital in Fredericksburg can take care of your pet's health needs, from pet dentistry to immunizations to various surgical procedures. We pride ourselves on not only offering the best care possible for all the pets that come through our doors, along with kindness and respect. If you need any more information about our services, you can reach one of our associates by phone or through our website. We can also help you make an appointment at a time that works for your busy life. Contact us today to make an appointment for dental care or whatever else your pet might need.

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