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When you take your pet to the vet, you expect high-quality care. At Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital in Fredericksburg, TX, we have an in-house lab to offer your pet faster service and diagnosis. When minutes count for your pet, and you want quality care for it, trust our on-site laboratory.


How Having an In-House Lab Helps Our Veterinarians

There are several times when one of our veterinarians needs a quick evaluation of blood work. Before surgery, at a wellness exam, or to diagnose an animal, a veterinarian may send samples to a lab. With our in-house lab, our vets get results back within minutes instead of days.

Surgery is one instance when our vets require a fast response to sample submissions. Our veterinarians need to know if your pet is stable for surgery, especially if it has a preexisting condition. Alternatively, our vets may need to take x-rays before surgery to remove a swallowed object to see where the piece is in your pet's digestive tract.

With our range of laboratory services, we can offer top-notch veterinary care for your pet, whether it needs to go into surgery or require a diagnosis at a wellness visit.

Services Our In-House Lab Offers

Our lab includes equipment that lets our technicians evaluate blood work and perform digital x-rays. Pets can also get blood pressure monitoring or glaucoma analysis.

If your pet needs an ultrasound, our partnership with the mobile provider Sonovet offers the imaging services your animal needs. For example, if your dog is expecting puppies, the vet can perform an ultrasound to verify the pregnancy and see the number of pups in the litter. Other uses of ultrasound for pets include taking images of the abdominal organs, the heart, or the thyroid.

For more thorough specialty lab services, we partner with outside laboratories to get the results as quickly as possible.

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You should give your pet the best care possible. By bringing your cat or dog to us at Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital in Fredericksburg, TX, you can take advantage of both high-quality services and a caring staff. Phone our clinic at 830-997-7643 to get answers to your questions about our in-house lab services or anything else. You can also set an appointment to visit us over the phone. We're looking forward to seeing you and your pet and providing your companion animal with the best possible care we can give.

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