If you have a cat or dog that tends to wander away from your home every once in a while, you are likely to be concerned about their well-being when they do so. One way to protect your pet if it happens to stray too far is to have it microchipped. Microchipping is conducted at Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital in Fredericksburg, TX by our experienced veterinarian. Here is some information about microchipping so you understand the process and how it can protect your pet. 


Why Microchipping Is Important for Pets

If you do not have your pet microchipped, and your dog or cat becomes separated from you, you do not have the peace of mind in knowing your pet may be reunited with you if it is found by someone else. A pet with a chip in place can be scanned at a veterinarian's office or humane society. Information placed upon the chip itself will then become accessible to the person with a scanning device. This way, you can be contacted if positive identification is determined. There is no doubt about whom the animal belongs to as well.

Preparing for The Microchipping Process

Before your pet can be microchipped, it needs to have a checkup by our veterinarian to determine it is healthy enough for the procedure. In most instances, there are no problems to stop the process from occurring. If your pet is dealing with pain in the area where the chip would be implanted, it would need to be treated beforehand. You will be asked to give our veterinarian your identifying information including your name, phone number, and address. This is placed into a universal database. The information is then uploaded to a small implant.

What Happens During the Procedure

Our veterinarian will insert the implant into a device much like the tool used to administer vaccinations. It will be inserted into your pet's skin and will remain in place. A reader is used to gather information on the chip if needed. Our vet will place the chip between your pet's shoulder blades. This area is best as it cannot be accessed by your pet by biting or scratching. After the chip is in place, your pet will only feel some mild discomfort for a few days. When the skin heals, the discomfort ceases and the chip will rest in place without causing your pet any distress.

If you wish to have your dog or cat microchipped, contact Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital in Fredericksburg, TX to inquire about the procedure. Our office offers convenient hours and can be reached by calling (830) 997-7643. Microchipping is conducted after routine well-visits. We look forward to meeting you and your pet.

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