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Mollie came to us after having three cystotomy's to remove struvite stones. Compassionate Care performed a cystotomy and nephrectomy to remove a diseased kidney. Mollie is at home and doing well.


Jax was found on January 30, 2008 and had been attacked by a mountain lion. He was rushed to Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital. Jax was in shock and it took Dr. Fritz 4 hours, 14 suture packets, and over 1000 sutures to close the lacerations on his neck and various other parts of his body. Jax stayed with Compassionate Care for 23 days during which he received hydrotherapy and several surgeries to deride his wounds. The Gutierrez family would like to thank Dr. Fritz and staff for all there many hours of care, worry, and compassion for this wonderful dog.


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